Our decisions are not only based on our long time experience on the market. Meanwhile we cooperate with competent market researchers, who inform us in time to point out the actual trends and tastes. This makes us to early-tasting-experts for your and our market !

It is not always easy to see the value of a product, to estimate its fantastic taste, its trade potential. Together with our producers we invest therefore every year about € 500.000 in professional tasting events within on the market sites all over Germany and can, in that way, increase continuously our turnover. This also allows the customers to make a live experience of the real taste.

This appettising picture of our specialities and the idea hidden behind the products stands in the foreground. We like advising and assisting our clients in creating advertising flyers, to show the quality of foodstuffs in a transparent way.

Please find here below impressions of our Inhouse-Shows, which we organize 2 times every year at our 4 sites. It is a 3D-tour at our Shows in Essen and Hamburg.

Here you can download our Top-advertising materials as PDF:

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