We feel obliged to supply a continuous quality

We, as members of R&S can fulfill the highest specific culinary demands of our clients, day after day. At the same time we do not only fore delicate taste and quality, but also uniqueness and particularity.

The appetite of a gourmet is quite an invitation to Dinner. If he selects our specialities, he will be rewarded with enjoyment. The strict quality requirements, which the producers have to be subjected to, confirm this quality day after day and persuade more and more people. Be assured about it!

  1. IFS or BRC certified
  2. Our activities in accordance with GS1 Standards assure an absolute tracability
  3. Clean labeling: data about all used ingredients including GDA Data and the motivation for producing the products as traditional, without being obliged to waive the pleasant taste.

Briefly: „Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are“