Our concept – Your key to success

Our clients

Today we supply more than 2600 food-stores all over Germany between Flensburg and Passau.

Our producers

From the very beginning, 50 years ago, we have been continuously developing our import activities in delicate sausage and ham specialities. Today more than 70 famous producers from over 11 European countries belong to our satisfied exclusive suppliers.

Our products

We can now offer about 800 specialities, beginning by Ham from the Ardennes to Milano Salami and Tiroler Speck to tongue-pastry. In that case we calculate competitive prices which assure a continuous value growth all along the value chain.

Our promise of excellence

Beside all the usual certifications which every producer has to pass, our regularly visits at the sites of our producers create such a relationship with them, that long term high quality and willingness are assured.


We are intensively working with our products and can convince with a special taste experience. For this reason the last 40 years, we have been organizing Inhouse-Shows at our 4 sites all over Germany, twice a year – before Eastern and before Christmas. For example, the Top-decision-makers of the German market can experience these tastes for real and give an optimal estimation of the potential and the price-performance ratio.